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Posted in collaboration with the Raoul Wallenberg Honorary Citizen Committee

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A unique window of opportunity has been opened in the search for Raoul Wallenberg.  Sixty years after his mysterious disappearance in Budapest, a new worldwide campaign has begun to solicit information concerning Wallenberg’s fate and present whereabouts.  The Missing In Action campaign will widely circulate the most well known picture of Wallenberg, as well as a computer-generated image of how he would most likely appear today.  An accompanying plea asks anyone with information about Wallenberg’s whereabouts to please contact the Raoul Wallenberg Honorary Citizen Committee.

This appeal is supported by the Swedish and Israeli Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat, was stationed in Budapest during the closing years of World War II.  His mission was to save as many Jewish lives as possible, and he succeeded in saving tens of thousands from the Nazis and their collaborators. He was detained in Hungary in January 1945 by the Soviet Army and imprisoned in the former Soviet Union. Raoul Wallenberg’s fate remains unknown to this day.

Raoul’s brother, sister and extended family would want nothing more than to finally be reunited with him during this holiday season. 

We are asking all concerned individuals and organizations to publicize and distribute this information as widely as possible, so that it may reach individuals who are still alive today in the Russian Federation, or who may have emigrated from there to other parts of the world.

We encourage you to duplicate and circulate the campaign through any regular or online media channel (e.g., television, Internet, radio, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, email groups, etc).

We kindly ask that, in distributing the Appeal and your cover letter, you emphasize that only factual information about Raoul Wallenberg's whereabouts is to be sent to the address detailed on the attached flyer.


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