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Lyrics to Song: Carl Lutz - The Glass House Rescuer

Words and music: Ben Reuven

There is a house in Budapest
The Glass House is it name
At Vadász Street Number 29
Eternal shall be its fame.
And in the year of '44
When all was darkness and despair
A light shone forth from the Glass House
For Carl Lutz he was there.

He stood alone to protect the Jews
From the merciless Nazi beast
And in that house he gave refuge
To the hunted Jews of Budapest.

Carl Lutz was a beacon that shone bright
When all hope seemed gone,
With courage and daring
This man so brave
With his protective passes and safe houses
Countless Jewish lives did save.

So let us praise this courageous man
This Righteous Gentile from Switzerland
Who rescued Jews from their sorry plight
And from that Glass House
With life and hope lit up their night.


Stationed in Budapest from 1942
The Swiss vice-consul began to help the Jews
To emigrate to Palestine, to find escape routes,
The German death marches to elude ...
In all, from that Glass House in Budapest
Carl Lutz saved 62,000 Jews from certain death.

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May 23, 2005