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International Rescuer Day 2010

January 18, 2010
Held at Israel's Parlament: the Knesset


Sponsored by Deputy Minster Ayoob Kara and Member of Knesset Dr. Michel Ben-Ari 

Participation by Aambassadors of Hungary, Portugal and Switzerland and Charges d'Affairs of the Swedish Embassay

As in past years International Rescuer Day 2008 events are held in Jerusalem and internationally in USA , Hungary and China. 

January 17th was chosen for International Rescuer Day in honor of Raoul Wallenberg 
who was abducted by the Soviet Union on January 17, 1945.  

This is an annual international event to also remember and honor other Holocaust era rescuers, Gentiles and Jews, who are important authentic role models and to assure that important lessons are learned and applied to current challenges.


The event’s purpose is to:

1) REMEMBER those who did so much to try to rescue us during the Holocaust

2) LEARN important lessons from the positive deeds of our rescuers and also from tragic  failures of important rescue opportunities

3) TEACH by the major rescuers' example the great potential of non-egocentric individualism, which characterized many of the rescuers

4) INTROSPECT about what we have to do to address today's burning problems

5)  ACT on the above


The event provides an opportunity to recall that a few exceptionally dedicated, brave and creative individuals were able to snatch large numbers of Jews out of the hands of determined murderers.

So far Jewish rescuers did not receive appropriate recognition by Israel, major Holocaust Centers and the Jewish community. This must change without further delay!

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Calligraphic art created for International Rescuer Day 2006 by Elyakim Bruck
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Switzerland Awakens

Help from the New World

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Paintings created for International Rescuer Day 2006

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